Company Overview:

ISOF's purpose is to improve the organization, productivity, and efficiency of today's “Engineered Systems Integrated Projects” by effectively utilizing the management skills and tools possessed by the ISOF team. Quality systems integration is a necessity in today's security and fire systems environment. It is also one of the largest problems for most contractors and end users. ISOF will solve this problem more effectively than its competitors by capitalizing on the strengths and experience of its management team. Because of its strong focus on the structured organization, productivity, ISOF will quickly become the leading independent in the field. The base line knowledge derived over 21 years as a leader in “Systems Integration” was exemplified by the recognition of the leading trade magazine SDM, for 1997, 1998 and 1999.

Nature of Services:

ISOF defines, analyzes, and documents appropriate solutions and management needs for individual access control project applications. This will allow ISOF to know exactly what is required by the contractor or end user to fill their requirements and long term needs. Their insight into the service program that ISOF offers is part of our long-term solution to customer satisfaction. ISOF also develops a cost/benefit analysis to aid the client in making the appropriate business decisions. ISOF provides complete maintenance & services required by the end user and property owner(s). We are trained and familiar with all aspects of Access Control / Fire Alarm / Security / CCTV / and Systems Integration. All of our technicians are NICET certified II or higher and factory trained. We have offices located in Tampa and Orlando.

Nature of systems market - It’s under great strain as all major players reposition their efforts to take advantage of a dramatic change in the market consolidation by three of the major companies.

Tyco (Simplex, ADT, Grinnell, Thorn and Sensormatic)
Honeywell(,Notifier, Pittway, Silent Knight)
Siemens (Landis, Cerberus, Faraday and STG)

ISOF, on the other hand is locally managed and owned capable of engineering and installing the largest systems in the South.

For Example
The US Supreme Court Renovation in Washington DC
$120,000,000 update for Infrastructure , Security Access Control

The Orange County Convention Center Security Access Control System over 410 readers and thousands of security points. Managed with 10 workstations & 2 badgering stations.

Our Services:

• Fire Alarm & Security System Sales
• Access Control Systems
• CCTV Systems & Intercom Systems
• Emergency and mission critical power systems
• Systems Monitoring Services
• Commercial Property Service Packages
• Automatic Service Dispatch
• Relation based sales by key management team members
• Price competitiveness Installation and service rates.
• Company sized as a small up and coming business
• Experience working in Government & Military environments
• Local management

We are experts in our industry
You can trust our advice because we know your industry. If our experts don't know the answers, we will refer you to someone who does. You see, if we don't know your business, we don't deserve your business. It's that simple.

We tell it to you straight
We hate ambiguity. If we can't give you an answer in plain English, then we aren't doing our job. And when a difficult issue arises, we lay it out clearly so you know all your options.


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